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  • I was referred to this veterinarian by Safe Rescue cat shelter when my previous vet to see my very sick cat in a reasonable time frame. These people saw him the very next day. He seemed so deathly ill that their recommendation was to put him down. He had FeLV. At that time I agreed because he was almost in a coma, face planted down in the exam table not moving, not very responsive to his environment. But they sent blood off to the lab for a work up and gave him an IV antibiotic. We had scheduled today for euthanasia but he rallied in the last to days so much that I brought him in but told them I di d not want to put him down and wanted to try a human antiviral drug on him that had been effective for seven out of seven cats in the one small study that existed and those cats had zero side effects. One of them even developed antibodies and was able to hold the virus repressed after treatment. I brought her a synopsis of the study and she looked it up and agreed to give it a try. She also talked to other vets in the community and found some of them were already using this treatment. This vet clinic has enough doctors and facilities that you can get your pet in fast, they are more reasonably priced than my old vet, about half as much actually, and they are willing to listen which I've found to be rare in doctors, whether they be people or pet doctors, and when I walked in everyone there was familiar with my pet. All and all I can't express my appreciation for these people adequately. I wish I could find people doctors this good!

    Robert Dinse

  • Been coming to Cascade Pet Hospital for many years. They are just the best and I recommend them to everyone for their professionalism, kindness, and empathy. They make our dogs feel like family.

    Shay Moore

  • 4.8 Google Rating