COVID-19 Updates

In an effort to ensure the safety of our staff and clients, we are utilizing low-contact service to all our clients for all pet care needs.

Curbside Service

Please call to confirm the type of appointments we are able to accommodate at this time. If we can see your pet, provide a detailed description of what is going on to our receptionists over the phone. Upon arrival, call the clinic from your vehicle to let us know that you are here.

Once directed by our staff, you are welcome to come in through the front door. Dogs are required to come in on a leash and cat must be in a carrier. Once you drop-off your pet in the lobby, please return to your car.

A veterinarian will examine your pet and call you for further communication (questions, or clarification) and review the recommended treatment plan. Once a treatment plan has been approved verbally, you will be transferred to our receptionist for payment.

At the conclusion of your pet’s exam, we will call you via phone to discuss a summary of the visit including treatment authorization, if needed. We will also take payment over the phone and any discharge instructions.  We can also email this information to you. Please allow extra time as these new processes will impact workflow.

Once payment is finalized; your pet will be safely placed in the lobby, in the same manner, you left them (either leashed or in their carrier) and you can come in to retrieve your pet.

If you have additional questions after the visit has ended, please email us at [email protected] or call and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days. As stated, it is our intention to remain open and continue to see a small number of regular appointments daily, however, we do ask that you do not come to the clinic if:

You have received a diagnosis or positive test result for COVID-19 within 14 days of your proposed visit. You have been advised by your PCP to self-quarantine due to recent COVID-19 exposure. Or you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 (fever over 100 degrees, cough, or breathing difficulties).

According to CDC guidance, there is no evidence that companion animals or pets can spread COVID-19 to date. For the latest information about coronavirus and pets, we encourage you to visit the CDC and World Health Organization websites.

Telemedicine & Chat

We are happy to announce our new PetPro Connect app, our telemedicine appointment partner. As always, please reach out if your pet needs to be seen. Based on your pet’s symptoms our staff will determine if telemedicine is a good fit.  With this app you will be able to:



Request both in-person and video consultation appointments.
Securely access all your furry friend’s medical records.
Privately message/chat directly with our team through the app.
Request prescription refills.

This upgraded app will replace the existing Pet Page mobile app.